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Gary Davies is still pinching himself.  His childhood dream to work for BBC Radio not only came true, but it teed up a 40 year career in music.  That career has now come full circle -  as he returns to the BBC hosting Radio 2’s Sounds of the 80s Show. It has been 23 years since he left Radio 1, but the passion and knowledge remain undimmed.


Beginning his career at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, Davies’ reputation bloomed and he got his big break at Radio 1 in 1982.  He started on a late-night weekend show but before long had taken over the lunchtime show, which he called The Bit In The Middle.  There was plenty of freedom around the playlist and he was in his element in those high octane, innovative years seeking out the brightest and best music for his audience.  His popularity surged and he was soon gigging most nights of the week across the country on top of his presenting duties.  As well as being heard daily on the nation’s radios, he was a regular presenter on the iconic Top Of The Pops, hosting the TV show more often than any other DJ in the 80s. A true household name, his ‘Woo Gary Davies’ jingle was known universally. 


Always a massive fan of Dance music, during his days at Radio 1 Davies found himself a part of the Dance explosion that happened from the end of the 80s and into the 90s.  He helped create that wave, playing out real Dance tracks on daytime radio, by the likes of Technotronic, Black Box, Crystal Waters. A huge Ibiza fan, having been a regular since the mid-80s, Davies discovered a love for House music and would regularly find new acts like 808 State, L’il Louis that he would then play on his Radio 1 show. Although his Dance credentials were solid, he’d never thought about DJing within the growing scene, as he’d never mixed. Three years ago, some friends bought him some Pioneer gear for his birthday and that was it, he taught himself to mix.  Of course, the next step was to get out there and do some gigs. His first shows were at Ushuaia in Ibiza, he now regularly DJs internationally and has started his own monthly London night playing out his own style of underground Deep and Tech House.  “It’s different to the music that most people know me for, but it’s my passion and my hobby. I’ve always sought out new dance music and now I’m playing it!”

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